Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Game plan

Did I ever think I'd need another one? I guess we are all tripping up over the curb that was supposed to have been ground down to accommodate our various needs. The loss of this particular client is a bit of a blindside; I really enjoyed working on the books, each one so different. I learned a lot; D called each one a "seminar." No one is immune to a job being outsourced to cheaper labor overseas in India. Dear reader, if you have any suggestions for dealing with a sudden downturn of events, please leave a comment. And how to write a punchy cover e-mail; that would help.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

It's official . . .

Yes, one of my clients had an internal shake-up and is now using a packager who sends everything overseas to India for proofing and editing. It's a sad,
sad day; this is what we've become as a business/publishing model. When I started doing this freelance, a person could actually earn a pretty good living as a copy editor. Thanks, globalization; thanks neoliberalism. Thanks 1%.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


One of my clients may be sending editing work "overseas." Now I'm looking for a new client. Or two. Or three. I've also been very interested in reviving my sewing machine, now that I can actually see again. I may have all the time in the world to fiddle around with it. Further to searching for jobs: I did find something to apply for at a large magazine conglomerate. We'll see how that works out. Job searches of yore were downright cozy compared with the impersonal form-filling of today, heading off to HR's black hole. Ack. Musings from the chair.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Watch This Space . . . Really

I've had enough of political stuff over on Facebook; too shrill, too clawing, too strident, too fill-in-the-blank. Beyond the local, does it really matter . . . does it? I'm keeping my attention focused on the town, the school board, the zoning board rife with developers and real estate agents (because who's more in the know, right?). I'm going around looking for blogs to read. This one caught my eye. I've already gotten some of Ian Sansom's Mobile Library mysteries out of the library because of a recommendation. Irritatingly, irrationally, my town's library has books 2, 3, and 4 of the series. But NOT BOOK 1: The Case of the Missing Books. Why? Why? I also borrowed Elizabeth Jane Howard's books. Now if only my eyes worked properly, it would be smooth sailing. Happy May, all and sundry.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Saturday, August 01, 2015

I'm finished. At least I think I am.


 Ok; I believe I'm done putting things in jars for this summer. It was a 10-day or so effort. It was tiring. It was hot. So I'm sharing my completed Scout project with you. Without D's help, I would be a tiny pool of liquid on the kitchen floor. 

However, the air has turned cooler, and my thoughts are drifting toward fall and apples . . .

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tomatoes = Jam

The garden has been so productive this year; it makes up for all the blech years of too little rain; too much rain. Blight. Pestilence. Anyway, we ended up with so many cherry tomatoes. What to do? Why, make tomato jam Food in Jars is a great site; there is a recipe there for making this with cherry tomatoes in the Comments down below, which is what I did for the most part. See the jars in the photo? Yes, mine look exactly like that. I had 3 pounds of tomatoes, mostly cherry, and some others, which I cut up very small. The ginger, cinnamon, and ground cloves, not to mention the hot pepper flakes, make this something else entirely from any jam I'm used to: a jam/chutney. And I used lime juice, not lemon. I can taste it, subtle but there.