Sunday, May 20, 2007

two ends of the spectrum . . .

We've got a big week coming. Poor D is having the cataract on his left eye removed on Tuesday; he's absolutely frantic that he doesn't acquire some kind of sepsis while in outpatient surgery. In the meantime, it's been my duty to drop two kinds of eye drops into his eye four times a day. This brings up all the usual rants against health care in the United States, but when it is his own eye, and he writes and edits for a living, I am as worried as he is.

At the other end of the tunnel, so to say, L got her driving learner's permit Thursday. D and she have been going out daily for a slow drive around the neighborhood, and she's gotten stellar reviews as a driver. I wonder if she could get some pointers here? I haven't driven with her yet; D is much more patient, and he's already taught two or three other teenagers how to drive, so I'm out of the loop for now.

It is disconcerting to have her start to drive; wasn't it just last year I was strapping her into her car seat? It certainly seems so; it's true how quickly the years go, even as the days seem to drip by like molasses when they are toddlers. I remember wishing for just an hour for myself, and now that I've got it, I wonder what all the frustration was about.

This week Yarn Works is supposed to be getting working, so I'll have lots to do with cleaning, moving things down, and finding out if all the paperwork is in place.


Anonymous said...

My daughter is learning to drive too...I share your feeling, where did that little girl go, the one i strapped into her carseat?

My daughter drives well...I am trying to be a good passenger. But it is hard...I want to hold her back ;)But I dare not.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Here's hoping that the roads she learns to drive on are straighter than mine!

angela said...

In France you can't start driving with a parent till you're 16 and can't have a licence till 18. I think you do it younger in the States, don't you?
I'm a very nervous passenger/control freak...I don't think I could cope!

Anonymous said...

Here I am sitting in the middle of forests and reading your news.I think, it's a miracle.Our children can start to drive, when they are 18 years old. Sorry your husband's eye!

blackbird said...

good luck with the surgery - I took my mom for hers last year and it went very well...I do know it's worrying though.