Friday, September 24, 2010

International scarf exchange

who wants to participate? Helen??

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


covers the cost of replacing the lost food. Yea! One small step down the path toward positive news and happenings.

Here is a poem, written by a woman whose two children had just left for college (from Poem A Day, Steerforth Press, 1994):


So it's today, and in the chokecherry this year:
the first leaves turn ochre, there, by the open gate.

I grab the sweater you left on a chair, wrap it
around my shoulders, and—as I did for days last year

until I couldn't keep up with the season—I pick
every single rusting leaf, each fading flower

and hide them in my apron pocket: their crush
clandestine against my belly. It's a simple gift

for you—for us—such an easy thing to do
for a few more days of summer.

–Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Friday, September 03, 2010


Yes, I'm going to be back blogging, now that L is ensconced in her dorm at a small college somewhere within the lower 48.

(Notice the fetching comforter [duvet] cover . . .)

This is the way her bed looked, before we saw the guy across the hall's room (yes, guy; this is 2010, a very progressive place, and god help us). His bed was not lofted, and the desk was moved out from under (well, obviously), and it all looked so much more apartment-ish, so L's roommate pleaded with him and his dad to come over and help move the beds down. Poor D and I helped as best we could.

It looks much better. Sorry I didn't take before and after pictures, but the days there were so fraught with emotion, I'm surprised I got this much recorded.

view out dorm window . . .

While we were there, we received a voice mail, sent by my neighbor on Tuesday morning, only we got notification that it was sent late on Wednesday (bye, AT&T) telling me that the power was off. She didn't know to call the power company, so did nothing until we finally returned her call (thanks, AT&T; we'll be contacting another carrier). Suffice to say, we lost all foodstuffs in fridge & freezer. I think, given all the horrific happenings of this summer (hot water heater quitting on July 4, plumber arriving July 9 or so; car; etc etc) I feel we are just about out of options for catastrophe at this point. Been down so long, it looks like up to me, as Richard Farñia wrote.