Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sunday, October 29, 2006

What we did today

Today, we did not attend a service. Instead, it being a beautiful autumn day, a day so clear and blue it seemed to go on forever, we went to BestBuy, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and finally Target. L and I were out to update our compuer setup with speakers, and we ended up with Bose Companion 2 Series II, and they work so well—and so easy to install! No more leaning down and pressing our ears to the giant Mac's front screen to try to hear a faintly garbled utterance. Now I can hear some French over the Internet and get some practice in understanding. (We may be returning there . . . don't want to jinx it by saying too much.)

Also discovered that iTunes has included 64 public radio links, so I can listen to KCRW without too much trouble. I'm feeling very au courante.

Next, we shall look at digital cameras. But I have to take this foray into technology pretty slowly so I can absorb it all.

Bed Bath and Beyond had a great display of fondue sets! And I had come in expressly for the gel fuel for my set, which has lain dormant for so many years. Fine Cooking has a good sounding receipe on the back cover for cheese fondue, so this week it's on the menu.

Target was as ever, but had some really nice black sweaters, in the designer section. However, L was after a Halloween costume. Pretty picked-over; I suggested she pull the Elmo costume, size 3 - 6 one, over her head and wear red pants, but that suggestion was spurned. I thought it was funny . . .

Now we are looking forward to ribs via Everyday Food for dinner. And I am really glad I'll be getting up with the time change tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sunday, L, along with five others, was confirmed. We got the retired bishop, famous for once giving a 45-minute sermon; it seemed twice that long. Once it was over, the father of one of the other confirmands muttered, "Jesus"; but I don't think his utterance was of an affirming nature. Also, the NT verse was much garbled because the lector read a completely wrong passage. After all this, we were rewarded with a groaning board of goodies in the parish hall.

Our librarian has left us, and with her went her great book buying sense. I'm not reading much of anything right now as a result, and this is not a good thing.

Must try to get downtown to the big library; was there Saturday, but was turned away. It had closed early to get ready for a fundraiser for itself. Yes, these are the times in which we live: no funding for the library, but plenty for other, less wholesome activities.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I can' keep up with all the journaling/writing going on in other venues. I've got such a lot to do with my work, ferrying L-One to the mall to keep up with growth spurts, planning/cooking. Plus reading the writings of others—web and otherwise. I wonder how anyone does all of this.

Anyway, the homily today was quite good, though of course directed toward pledging. L helped with altar guild cleanup. Then on to the organic shop.

No school tomorrow, thank goodness. We can all arise at a reasonable hour.

Little and big kitty getting along famously (well, almost).

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Nigella has returned to television via Foodnetwork. I took a break to watch her; tonight, we shall have the chicken and sausages, the roasted potatoes and garlic, and the pois. The air has become genuinely crisp in the morning, and so autumnal fare is called for. Hmm.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

waiting . . .

I really relish the time I spend every day, waiting for the end of school sitting in my car. No, I don't carpool; I like talking alone with the L-0ne on the way home; sometimes interesting facets of the day arise. Sometimes just the radio is playing, or a CD is on.

While I'm waiting, I can read, knit, listen to a book on tape, put my head back—rest my eyes, as my grandmother would say.

Of course, I look out for a shady spot. It's quiet when I arrive; no girls about yet, except those involved in varsity sports, getting ready to run, or get on the bus for an away game of some sort.

When you work at home, with your spouse in the same working space, a bit of privacy is indeed called for. A great need to get away from all of it, all contained in your car—on the way there, sitting there, dappled (it is hoped) in shade. Just waiting.