Sunday, March 30, 2008

Various projects

Although I haven't been posting much here, I haven't been passively eyeing the doings of the household from my perch, like Soul (although he doesn't seem to be eyeing much in this image):

I've been sitting knitting on these fingerless mitts designed by Lynn Vogel. I can't tell you how impassioned I was to GET THEM DONE. Don't you hate to find a bag of half knitted something or other in the bowels of some tote bag or other in the back of the closet? I know I have several. And oddly, all in shades of green . . .

L graciously modeled these for me, as my poor hands are far too stubby to show them off in these. B helped me greatly by picking up four stitches for the thumb (I had to play catch with a stitch that I had neglected to pick up from the 15 stitches on waste yarn awaiting knitting up for the thumb on one). These were not difficult, just for me fiddly; I haven't knitted on four double pointed needles in a while. Thanks to A and B, I moved down from U.S. size 2 to size 0 needles; otherwise, these would have likely fallen off my hands and L's.

And I took this looong pink tabby from the loom, which was the first thing to be finished in almost 20 years. I think I'm going to order these waffle weave dishtowels from Halcyon, rather than design anything at this point, just to keep up the rhythm.

Plus I haven't been doing much during spring break over at the university . . .
but I'll try to have a syllabus up soon in preparation for summer school.

Monday, March 17, 2008

4 things

Carolyn has tagged me, and I must say it is hard for me to come out of my shell for this, for some reason! but here goes:

4 movies I'd watch again:

Rushmore (or most anything by Wes Anderson)

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Gene Tierney in the last scene; how can you not weep?

Black Narcissus

Dinner Rush (I confess, I like Danny Aiello being Danny Aiello)

4 TV shows I watch with regularity:

Martha (naturally . . .)

BBC World News (thank you public television)

30 Rock (I confess, I like Alec Baldwin, too . . .)

The Office (US version; UK version teeters on the edge a bit for me)

4 places I've been

hmm . . .

Brasstown, North Carolina

Monterey, Massachusetts

Key West, Florida

Quebec City, Canada

4 things I like to eat

These are the things I like to make most often:

beef stew

roast chicken


pasta: infinite variations, but I made a great lasagne from Lynne Rossetto Kaspar's book

4 places I'd rather be

well, any the places I've been, but also

anywhere near a beach

anywhere near a lake in New England

in a large city (NYC)

in a large, naturally well-lit studio space, sewing . . .

4 places I've lived (but not in sequential order)


Oxford (UK) as a student for a year (I had a job here . . . though technically I wasn't supposed to)

New Jersey


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hailish times . . .

Wild weather yesterday; witness the hail, accompanied by lots of lightening and thunder. All this though is rather tame compared to what Atlanta experienced.

Considering all the hail around here, this photo below may seem rather h**lish; I'm knitting on size 0 double points, making an I-want-to-tear-my-hair-out pair of fingerless mitts. I'm only up to repeat 3 of 8 spiraling leaf patterns to reach the thumb gusset of the right hand. I'm supposed to complete both right AND left by next Saturday afternoon for the completion of this class. If I didn't have those green specs just barely showing in the upper right, I wouldn't be able to see this at all . . .

Friday, March 14, 2008

Murky March

When I go out and about, down the hill, these are the sights I see: sedimentary rock;
downtown; L's school; the spaceship house (it's for sale; the steps retract inside, should you want them to); the trip down the mountain with a view to another mountain.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break

Yea! I'm taking a much needed break; my editing is finished. L is finished with exams/papers/string quartet competitions.

I'm going to bond with my sewing machine and start a quilt.

I've got lots of catching up to do in the blog world. Usually my guilty pleasure is navigating away from my onscreen editing over to the Internet, but I haven't even had time for that. And I really do enjoy reading/seeing what is up around the globe. I'm bringing my camera with me when I go out today, so I hope to post some pix of someone other than Soul . . . never one to turn down some down time . . .

Saturday, March 08, 2008


Soul is slightly out of focus in his little newbie cap.

I enjoyed a lace class today with Lynn Vogel in the afternoon. I finished this little Umbilical Cord hat from the Stitch and Bitch book this morning at Beth's knit-in.

I've been frazzled with work this week, so this is all I've got until sometime next week.