Wednesday, June 27, 2007

deck container

This container is working out very well this summer: artemisia, coneflower, and lamb's ear. The balloon flower is fading. A metaphor?


Linda said...

I loved mixed flowers in a pot. I am always doing it myself. Sometimes to great effect.

Anonymous said...

I am excited to have a big balcony in the apartments we are staying in for a while...I am anxious to have a few containers myself...very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Hello again :)
Here I am writing almost in midnight, children are sleeping and it has been raining, so, we have been at home watching DisneyChannel !!!
Of course also something else, every my grandchildren like reading and I am very happy about it. Tomorrow we will go to the summer cottage again, the weather is better.
You have very beautiful flowers on your own backyard. When your photograph course will start?
I want to see, are your photos changing in some way after that course :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely flowers and no I haven't read Simon Brett's other books they are on my "to read" list!

tut-tut said...


We are hoping our photographs will somehow have an edge after our folkschool week! You can be the judge.

Maybe I can post some from there, so everyone can see more of what it is like there.

lettuce said...

thats lovely. I've tried and failed with cone flowers - maybe i should try them in a container. do they need lots of watering?