Monday, July 09, 2007


Well, we arrived 5 minutes before the doors to the various stores opened, so we were able to proceed in a relatively calm manner once inside.

Belk's first, for two great dresses (we even both agreed!).

On to Banana Republic, for a skirt, and black sweater (more agreement!! I'm feeling better and better) and a rather nice silk scarf for me.

Then to Anne Taylor, for a really nice blousy cream blouse (agreement on both sides! what's going on?).

A brief pull into the teen vortex that is American Eagle, where something in my bag made the alarm go off as I went IN and then again as I went OUT, but none of the teenage clerks seemed to pay much attention.

Out of the mall and over to lunch at a chain Chinese restaurant, P.F. Chang's, which we enjoyed quite a lot, though the poor waitress had to recite a little patter about the three dipping sauces and bottled whatnot's that she brought to the table; I overheard her giving the same recitation at the next table a little while later.

Thence to Barnes and Noble Books; I was looking for that meat book by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, but they didn't have a copy and I think I want the British one anyway. L looked for some summer reading material.

But she got lots of good ones at the library on the way home.


blackbird said...


I'm tagging you for the 8 things meme.

ruby-crowned kinglette said...

remember when i said a while ago that i posted a long comment about cookbooks but it didn't seem to actually post? well, one that i mentioned was this one....

i mention it again because of you trip to the store looking for a meat book - this is also a meat book and it is a fun - and sometimes a kind of scary - book to read.

i am pretty sure that link won't work... but it is the smaller hardback version - i like it because it feels like a novel/cookbook. well, maybe a memoir/cookbook.... anyway, i like the smallness of it, it feels good in the hand.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...I feel the same way about the mall..ugh. But so happy your excursion was worthwhile! Yea, in Little Rock we got the same recitation about the 3 sauce things...our waitress mixed them up for us, but my mother said it was hotter than, we nixed the sauces. Looking forward to meeting you this week...I found a space in downtown and I am super excited about getting to work!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, for someone who didn't want to go, it sounds as though you had a pretty good day after all!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I really like PF Chang's~ what did you get?
Sounds like a good day shopping!