Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I'm wondering if I should change my little turtle image. I think she seems a bit . . . judgmental.


lettuce said...

if you click and look at her full size she looks quite benign. i think.

Jess said...

She has a very nice smile.

But what else would you use?

Shammickite said...

No don't change her. I've got used to her outer armour and her inner softness!

blackbird said...

I see what you mean.
Maybe some photoshopped lipstick to lighten her mood?

Unknown said...

I like her....a lot.

Anonymous said...

But if you feel, that you are not any more so much inside your shell :)
Perhaps some "more open" picture could be now right or . . .??

Anonymous said...

She looks fine to me and judgemental is not something that springs to mind!
ps I'm having real difficulties leaving comments at the moment. I haven't quite worked out the new blogger system - so I hope this works!

Anonymous said...

Is she a turtle?

(They are sea creatures.) Maybe she's a tortoise (land creature). Anyway 'Inside the Shell' perfectly describes either.

Or is this yet another example of British and American English not matching up.

Anyway, blogging is an excellent way of escaping the tight carapace of work and deadlines and improving the work-life balance.


KOSTAS said...

The small turtle should have been the world symbol of humble.
Also symbol of longevity, and patience.