Tuesday, May 13, 2008

some things

to detract from another soon-to-be scary dental triage (not until June, though):

Lucy Wainwright Roche




mouse (aka kimy) said...

definitely have to check out lucy! I must admit I've never heard of her, but I'm most familiar with her parents suzy and loudon and her bro rufus! wow, what a talented family!! thanks.

my e has 3191 on her blogroll - and so I occasionally check these gals pics out - such fun - and what a great idea!

good luck on the dental work a few years ago I had to have 3 crowns put in... it seemed like I was living at the dentist for 6 months - definitely not the best time! yikes, you have my sympathy!

Bobby D. said...

Love Rufus...must check out Lucy as Kimy says...)

talking about talented families...I saw Arlo Guthrie at Carnegie Hall and he was accompanied by two adult children--a son and daughter--so freaking talented--we really enjoyed the show--so much so we saw them again a few months later. Pete Seeger was in the audience and his grandson came out to join the Guthrie gang onstage. It warms yer heart I tell ya.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wow ched I'd have loved to have been at that concert...never been to carnegie hall...better practice.

it's looking like we got tao rodriquez seeger lined up for our annual labor day peace show! I'm psyched!! I love the guthrie and seeger families - and they are more than just musical icons!