Monday, December 01, 2008

Music Monday

A Tribe Called Quest- "Check the Rhime" 
I recently watched The Wackness.
Posted by L.


Squirrel said...

Yay! they give a shout out to Linden boulevard!
the beginning and chorus remind me of a New Orleans group (brain freeze on the name) that blended Dixieland Motown and old R&B sounds really well.

it is so weird that crack is back I hear it more in lyrics...--I remember all those little glass crack vials in various shapes in the 80's... they were lying all over the ground in NYC parks. I remember thinking how could such poison come in these interesting little bottles? I thought the age of crack had ended, but nothing ends I guess.

lorenzothellama said...

Well, that's certainly woken me up this morning!

Squirrel said...

off subject but you're so right about Dirk Bogard! thank you.

word verfication is restooty

angela said...

Since my computer was repaired I have had no sound card but watching the clip I think I can guess the type of music..

tut-tut said...

Angela: Not exactly my type of music . . . but every Monday L will be posting something unusual

Squirrel said...

and posting some pix of frank soon too? what is his personality like?


tut-tut said...

Frank is a scamp who loves everyone equally. I've never had a cat who was so even-handed and not a scaredy cat when it comes to others. My cousin was here with his beloved miniature dachshund and everyone (even grumpy Soul) got along.

Janelle said...

oh so frustrating because want to listen but it takes literally HOURS to can't! sure its good... xxx j

Reya Mellicker said...

I tried to watch, but I had to jump up and dance around the room like Ellen DeGeneres.