Monday, August 02, 2010

Under construction, or something . . . plus two photos of summer activities

L was driving home from work early one evening a few weeks ago, somewhat distracted, and rear-ended a car about to make a left-hand turn. The van's airbags deployed and mayhem ensued as the car horn blared and the police arrived. According to D, there were three police cars directing traffic around the car, which was awaiting towing from the middle of the road. It happened in front of the local No Tell Motel, so lots of ladies left their posts to come out to survey the commotion.

No one was hurt, and the other car was driven away. Not so the van; it was declared totaled by the insurance company, mainly because the airbags are so expensive to replace.

Let us now draw a veil over that portion of the summer.

* * *
Two photos, one of a melon grown out back, which was very tasty indeed. Unfortunately, it was the only one to survive. The other is a comforter cover I'm making for L to take to college. It's almost done; a child of 10 could have sewn this (after realizing the book's directions were faulty, but that's another story).


Kurt said...

I once rear ended a guy, and he sat through three red lights before he had composed himself enough to pull over and come talk to me. He needed a new bumper. Fortunately, I don't need a car these days, and that's nice.

Baino said...

Crazy that air bags cause a van to be written off, madness. My car isn't worth the rice of a new bumper bar which is a problem, since Ineed one! I really should get a sewing machine. Maybe for Christmas and your canteloupe/rock melon looks delish. I'm currently looking at an entire orange tree with all the fruit on the floor thanks to cockatoos who have smashed every orange to get at the pips! No fresh juice for the Bainos this winter.

Betty said...

Glad nobody was hurt.
I cannot sew - completely hopeless. So I'm in awe of someone who can just make up something with a sewing machine. V pretty fabric.
That melon has made me feel hungry. This is not good, as it's nearly midnight here!

Anonymous said...

I saw Kurt walking down the street-- and he rear ended a car. The car wasn't damaged much.