Sunday, October 31, 2010


Yes, I'm posting every day in November, the mundane, the boring, the tragic; I'm letting it all go. Maybe I'll even have an insight or two. Who knows?


tut-tut said...

looks like I promised to write in September, but didn't.

Megan said...

Howdy! Looking forward to whatever and whenever you post. :)

tut-tut said...

I'm really really trying this time to set aside blog visiting and writing

mouse (aka kimy) said...

go for it!!! after months of being a blogging slacker i did okay in october - not every day, but as many posts as there are letters in the alphabet!!

you go girl, i look forward to seeing more of you in the bloggyhood.

hmmm national blog posting month.... should i commit???


e said...

Good job you! Perhaps you have come up with a suggestion to read?
Best with the November blogging!