Sunday, October 02, 2011

creak . . . emerging from silence

the last of the garden tomatoes. I'll wrap each one in newspaper to redden up in a week or so.


Betty Carlson said...

Thanks for informing me of your possible return. I am missing blogging a bit, but if you have been following my Facebook updates, life has just been too busy for me to even think about it.

Only one of my daughters was in Brooklyn (with her boyfriend) and they had no problem with the storm -- they were in a good location. A lot of worry for nothing, actually, at least in our case. It was certainly an interesting experience for them to stock up on food and water and hole up for 36 hours, though!

Good luck on any blogging endeavors you undertake..

JGH said...

yay! always love a new post, whenver it comes, Tut.

So, you brought them in huh? Mine are still outside on bedraggled looking vines, and I'm hoping for just a few more warm sunny days. It's starting to look really ugly out there, though. I will probably be doing the same soon.

e said...

Everything on your blog always looks so good! Postcard written but as yet unmailed...I'll get it in the post tomorrow.

Cinnamon said...

Lovely crop- well done. I had 4 plants and some delicious yellow plum tomatoes from them. Ripened by our unseasonable heat wave. :)

Kurt said...

Someone told me the other day that they have NEVER had a tomato fresh from the garden. Ack!