Thursday, July 11, 2013


I picked Joan Wyndham's Love Lessons: A Wartime Diary off the shelf and started to read. This is her diary of being a student-ish person in wartime London. A very fresh voice from so long ago. I recommend searching out a copy. Then a FB friend pointed out that Rumer Godden's books are being republished by Virago. Greengage Summer, Kingfishers Catch Fire . . . Which made me remember Persephone Books, a great (re)publisher of forgotten or underappreciated women writers/books. Great cover/interior designs. I saw Few Eggs and No Oranges, another wartime diary, which I will save to buy. Persephone also publishes Etty Hillesum's wartime diaries. I recommend reading what she had to say. Glasses frames need major adjustment, in case you're wondering. Will be dropping in there tomorrow.

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colleen said...

So I got a copy of Joan's second book of wartime recollections,Love is Blue, after reading this, about her time in the WAAF. Had to wait a while for it as it was from Wandsworth's "Basement Collection". THis amused me.

Anyway, the book: an easy read, though by the end a little wearing as too much falling in love for my taste. Not too much evidence of austerity - plenty of food and lots of alcohol, Benzedrine and hangovers.

Coincidentally, I've had the Persephone Book on my shelf for ages and should prioritise it now as it might be good as a follow on from Joanie. I'll let you know how it goes.