Sunday, February 05, 2017

Preserving in

salt is February's challenge over at Food in Jars; but no meat can be involved?? Well I may try bacon anyway. I've done preserved lemons (there're some in the fridge right now), had passable success with sauerkraut, have several seasoned salts sitting around on the counter. Bacon intrigues me, though. Bruce Aidells has a recipe over at Fine Cooking,  but I think I'll use Diana Henry's version . . .

Here's my preserved lemons, an amalgam of a few versions:

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Kurt said...

I buy local pickles and, after I eat them, I pop veggies in the brine and get a good pickling of my own going, all without having to learn anything! Also, someone gives us Indian Lemon Pickle, and I add more haricots verts to it as I eat them, and they seem to pickle as well. Laziness has its benefits.