Monday, March 18, 2019

another go round at it

Well, better things (have you seen that? Pamela Adlon is a force) are what I'm hoping for this year. No one's told me recently to Stay out of the sun!! so perhaps that skin issue is subsiding. Still having to deal with house and financial things (some of which were a mighty big $$ surprise; who knew a home equity line of credit came with a convenient credit card? NOT ME!). Getting down to working, but worrying constantly that the last job was the last job. Two friends on fb have become sudden widows, and I find I absolutely cannot read what they have to say (which in both cases is considerable). I'm glad (am I?) that FB is an outlet for them, but reading their separate issues and problems several times a day is not a help for me. Onward. Next time: link to something interesting. I promise. Oh, and twitter.

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Kurt said...

Twitter is where famous people say the first thing that pops into their head and then later have to apologize for it.