Monday, February 26, 2007

Well, at least

I've gotten out and about. Saturday, L and I and a friend went to see The History Boys; how many movie premises are built around the subjunctive case?? We all liked it a lot. It's always great to see NO HOLLYWOOD MOVIE STARS emoting. This cast is just amazing--so talented on all fronts.

Sunday, we went on downtown's open house tour, looking at new construction in an area being revitalized. Lofts, "townhomes" (lots of stairs, there; not for the weak of knee'd). Can't help wondering where the displaced residents are moving, though. In a town near where I went to college was a famous bit of graffiti: "Gentrification Is War!" The local arts association is installing a series of sculptures (!) along the sidewalk. How soon will they be graffitied, I wonder.

Today: yoga workshop with a teacher from California. Very intensive lower body work; lots of great toned women in there (one lone man) from all over. Right now, I'm feeling quite stretched out, like a gumby with old joints. Great to do some yoga asanas from a different perspective; it makes me think about things in a new way, which is what is expected of all this.


Tony Morris said...

Alan Bennet (History Boys writer)is one of my favourite playwrights, if you get the chance to see any of his other works they are well worth while.

Anonymous said...

Hello tut-tut!
I went to Tony``s site and saw the post of a harlequin ladybird. Do you know, can they manage for instance in
Minnesota, where winters may be very cold? Interesting.
How long time do you have gone in for

lettuce said...

You've inspired me to get back to my yoga class - its about this time of year that I'm free on Friday mornings, when the class is. I wish I could go every week, our teacher is wonderful and I get so much from it. (Ayengar)

I saw Notes on a Scandal last night - very good, also excellent performances. Sad.

herhimnbryn said...

Are The history Boys. I heard the play on the BBC and recommend any of Alan Bennet's written work. He has the most marvelous Northern England accent and often read his work for Audio books. You might find some at a library?

Tony Morris said...

Back to Bennett, the last play I saw of his was "the Lady in the Van". A true story about an old lady who turned up in Bennett's road in a battered old van and he allowed her to park in his garden for years. It's a true story that is both sad and hilarious in turns. It was performed at the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre in Crayford Kent last year, my wife, Pam, was the Wardrobe mistress.

Anonymous said...

I loved The History Boys. An excellent movie!