Saturday, April 19, 2008

Have a

Happy Sunday


Mutha Mae said...

Just like my Mowee!!

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best and warm congratulations, Beth! You are then a child of a spring,new happy beginnings every year :)
And thank you for your visits my blog
and many kind comments.

Anonymous said...

What a contented bundle: but always that cat's eye on what their tame human is up to.


Bobby D. said...

Hey You Tuxie-- so elegant!

I left some dicentra notes on my blog.... for you

Bobby D. said...

I forgot to add that thick mulch will help them too.

DineometerDeb said...

Your kitty really is almost a twin of mine, except mine is completely white on the tummy.

I hope you at least ate cake this weekend ; )

Bobby D. said...

Hey, did you have a lovely birthday or what?
Some smelly things will be shipped out this afternoon!

Cergie said...


No, somebody looking like him ?


Tut-Tut, you're a turtle !
What a surprise !
My father is the author of a turtle. That means he founds a new specie in Vietnam and gave our family name to it.
I cannot know how it is though.

Pod said...

so many peopel i know have birthdays around 19-22nd. what a bunch we are! thanks for wishes. hope you had fun!