Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A walk part 1.a

This dominates the horizon from anywhere, really, around here. How could I NOT take a photo, when Sally manages to make them look so alluring? This one, however, is merely intrusive. But big. Growth is good. Isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, tut-tut, I love cranes.

Your pic is gorgeous because it sets the crane (and that wonderful light) in the context of the new building site and its surroundings.

Betty Carlson said...

Whatever the image quality, that is one freakin' impressive crane!

Bobby D. said...

New Mall come, old Mall go-- two giant malls less than 2 miles from each other...that's what's happening here. I can't imagine people ares hopping all that much--everyone seems to be worried about job security and cutting way back.

The magic of cranes & things:

Home Depot In, Loews in, Home Depot out, New Home Depot in.

Strip Mall in Strip Mall out.

Anonymous said...

I agree d. chedwick.

'Developers' use this weasel word 'development'. Often it's nothing other than wrecking the nice old to put in the not so nice new.

Many local districts here are conservation areas so we've learned a bit. And the planning laws are tighter.

Anonymous said...

Is growth good? Depends. Always remember that endless growth is the philosophy of the cancer cell...