Sunday, August 02, 2009

Veg plot in high summer

Various views of the community garden

JGH, fishing lines keep the deer out

LOTS of cherry tomatoes. Sweet as candy.

This pumpkin is a volunteer on the garden's compost heap.

A version of Vivaldi:


Gretel said...

Ah, you have the sun...we are kind of on equal growing with you, though you are a bit ahead of us. We discovered 'volunteers' for the first time this year; our garden is full of them! But our squash have yet to meet the magnificence of yours.

JGH said...

Very nice, Tut! How many plots are there?

Glad to hear that such a simple solution is working to keep out the deer! I've read that they have no depth perception and it's very hard for them to tell if they're going to crash when they jump over something. I would think that a thin practically-invisible filament would really add to their confusion.

Those tomatoes look delicious and the pumpkin is gonna be awesome!

secret agent woman said...

I like volunteer vegetables. I used to get volunteer tomatoes and squash outsie my pigs' pen.

Starry Night said...

Greta photos of a wonderful garden patch! I may been involved.

Kurt said...

Bitchin garden.

Anonymous said...

mmmm....cherry tomatoes! And great( if but a bit quick )Vivaldi interpretation. Love that piano!

And never thought to use fishing line to keep the deer at bay. Some folks I know had a secret ingredient, but I'll not let on here( it's pretty yucky! )

mouse (aka kimy) said...

wow!! is that your plot! looks terrific - I'd like to sink my teeth into some garden fresh tomatoes right now!