Tuesday, February 02, 2010

5th Annual Cyberspace Poetry Slam

Solar Creation
by Charles Madge

The sun, of whose terrain we creatures are,
Is the director of all human love,
Unit of time, and circle round the earth.

And we are the commotion born of love
And slanted rays of that illustrious star,
Peregrine of the crowded fields of birth,

The crowded lane, the market and the tower.
Like sight in pictures, real at remove,
Such is our motion on dimensional earth.

Down by the river, where the ragged are,
Continuous the cries and noise of birth,
While to the muddy edge dark fishes move,

And over all, like death, or sloping hill,
Is nature, which is larger and more still.

Thanks, Reya, for inviting me!


Crone and Bear It said...

what a beautiful poem! You chose well.

Anonymous said...

Surprising I didn't get into this. Very nice selection, tut-tut :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Wow, beautiful! We are the commotion born of love. We really are.

This is the best kind of poem for me - bringing in thoughts about nature, and astronomy, too?

Thanks, tut!

e said...

Lovely...and congratulations to your daughter on her acceptance to Oberlin!

Mrsupole said...

Hi tut-tut,

I thought I had left a comment here when I read this after you posted it. I posted my poem and it is one I wrote. I always feel so inadequate after reading one that professional poets write, but I guess I have to start somewhere. I need to buy me a book about poetry and then see what I can learn from it.

This poem was fantastic. Thank you for sharing it with us.

God Bless.