Tuesday, September 07, 2010


covers the cost of replacing the lost food. Yea! One small step down the path toward positive news and happenings.

Here is a poem, written by a woman whose two children had just left for college (from Poem A Day, Steerforth Press, 1994):


So it's today, and in the chokecherry this year:
the first leaves turn ochre, there, by the open gate.

I grab the sweater you left on a chair, wrap it
around my shoulders, and—as I did for days last year

until I couldn't keep up with the season—I pick
every single rusting leaf, each fading flower

and hide them in my apron pocket: their crush
clandestine against my belly. It's a simple gift

for you—for us—such an easy thing to do
for a few more days of summer.

–Laure-Anne Bosselaar


mouse (aka kimy) said...

who would have thought insurance would cover food!

Kurt said...

I would be having so many FEELINGS right now.

Shammickite said...

It's hard when they go back to college.
OlderSon moved into his house and YoungerSon went off to uni both in the same week.
That was a sad week for me.

Megan said...

Really, you get the food back? Sweet! I like food!

I like that poem too. Muchas.

JGH said...

What Kurt said. I'm having such feelings for you, it's very scary to imagine what I might go thru someday. Hugs to you, tut.

e said...

I am so sorry your summer has been so filled with misadventures. I hope L likes her school. Her room brought back memories of the several I inhabited at uni.

Many hugs to you and I'm glad the insurance will re-fill the fridge.
I'm tied up til next week, but after that, we'll chat about VBC at your convenience.