Saturday, January 14, 2017

canning, winter edition

Ack; this is the first time I've made marmalade, but it didn't 'jam'. It's a soupy jar of sort-of suspended orange peel. I saw oranges labeled 'sour oranges' at the grocery store, so assumed they are those that are otherwise knows as Seville oranges and combined two with two navel oranges.

I have a problem getting jam to jam at the right consistency (usually too firm), so I underestimated the time needed for this person's recipe. It tastes great, by the way, so I will endeavor to fix this.

(Food Network image)

Tomorrow the jars will be upended back into the kettle to reach 220°F and jam, damn it!

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Kurt said...

I wish I still had the patience to do things that take longer than ten minutes. I want to pickle, can, dehydrate, grow, etc.