Sunday, January 08, 2017

Not one, but

two emergency rooms! D had what seemed to be a TIA, or small brief stroke-like spell Friday evening. Saturday morning, he felt no better so we drove to the big downtown hospital's satellite, Hospital North.

The parking lot was empty when we arrived. We were the only people there. As soon as he checked in, D was whisked back into the ER.

It was like going back to another era. While I waited in the large, empty waiting room, a cop arrived with his bag lunch, and sat down behind a desk. A man with an important looking badge arrived and then left.

The ER doctor, who seemed to be Doogie Howser's age-mate, checked this and that and discovered a very low hematocrit level. D got an ambulance ride to Downtown Hospital, where he was checked in. We arrived soon after, and sat with him in his ER holding room. While there, various specialists arrived unexpectedly to ask him general questions.

He is there today, awaiting an MRI, but feeling much better. We are hoping that whatever it is can be resolved without much to do.

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blackbird said...

So glad he's better!