Friday, September 22, 2006

Anglican Angst

Well, after a year of attending CCE (after a disatrous tenure at StTE), we have finally been tagged to host "coffee hour" after church this Sunday, which is less about a relaxed venue to commune with fellow communicants and more a full body contact one-up-manship on what's on offer. We've been tearing our hair out about what to do, consulting cookbooks. Crockpot? I don't think so. The massive oven there makes reheating something unthinkable. So, we're going with a series of dips from Moosewood, a pita chip cracker receipt from Fine Cooking, baguette, toasted, cider and other such beverages.

What makes this more complicated is L's commitment to participate in the Komen race--playing the cello in a quartet at the edge of the race as the runners and walkers sprint/pass by. So she must appear there at noon, making D the sole host of this repast. Which is fine by me, as I am not a very good small-talker at all, and look for any excuse to ditch the social.

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BabelBabe said...

I have an awesome chicken dip recipe that is always gobbled up, lemme know if you want it.

in fact, I may do my next recipe post on it...but you can email me before that if you want it.