Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I'm embroiled in my new project, which turns out to be more production oriented than copy editing; I suppose I'm on a "learning curve," as it's called, but it's damned hard to get so mired in the actual Word files, rather than in the prose/continuity of it. Plus this is all still being developed (helped into readable form, I guess you'd say), so there are two oars in the water, paddling in opposite directions. Standstill.

My coffee hour church thing was a success; but having no desserts did not sit well with the younger members. Still, I saw all the kids had most of the food groups offered on their plates, and 90 percent of it was consumed. And the string quartet portion of the Komen race was rained out, so I didn't have to abandon the activity (much as I would've liked) to bring L down to the river to play.

Sundy night, however, brought a big blowout concerning homework; during parents' day, you learn a lot about what's expected/available, and the answer is quite a bit on both counts. Teachers are available to give help (in math) in quite a congenial way, so that's what L will avail herself of.

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