Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday, second time around

We of this week's altar guild had a scare; the presence light, which grinds down (and up) via a steel cable had, last week, been loosed from its moorings when the operator had let go of the winding handle. The whole hurtled almost to the floor, although we hadn't been informed. When we got in to church to tidy up, the cable was all caught up around the winding mechanism, making for a scary windup and then -down to try to regain the proper tension. Also, S, the sexton, was clearing away plaster from recent roof repairs, so there was a lot of clumping around in the attic.

Saturday, we stopped at a newly opened take-out eatery housed in an Airstream trailer. L got a milkshake, and we look forward to trying some pulled pork.

I'm finally trying the Euroflax, which is a bit like knitting with string.

I'm also discovering what Blogger will and will not do with Macintosh, which seems to be--NOT MUCH.

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