Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Sunday, L, along with five others, was confirmed. We got the retired bishop, famous for once giving a 45-minute sermon; it seemed twice that long. Once it was over, the father of one of the other confirmands muttered, "Jesus"; but I don't think his utterance was of an affirming nature. Also, the NT verse was much garbled because the lector read a completely wrong passage. After all this, we were rewarded with a groaning board of goodies in the parish hall.

Our librarian has left us, and with her went her great book buying sense. I'm not reading much of anything right now as a result, and this is not a good thing.

Must try to get downtown to the big library; was there Saturday, but was turned away. It had closed early to get ready for a fundraiser for itself. Yes, these are the times in which we live: no funding for the library, but plenty for other, less wholesome activities.


Suse said...

Thanks for visiting.

49 Up was great - I'm a sucker for that series. I wish they had more women in it though, they are too much in the minority.

Anonymous said...

You made Septuagent come over all nostalgic. After some searching on my bookshelves he came up with "Every Man's Confirmation Book" by T. Dilworth-Harrison, Archdeacon and Vicar of Chesterfield, published by Hodder and Stoughton in 1959. In the front is written, "Confirmed at the Church of St. Lawrence, Bourton-on-the-Hill on Wednesday March 27th 1963, by the Right Reverend Forbes Trevor Horan,Suffragan Bishop of Tewkesbury".

Just in case you are wondering - and you probably aren't - Bourton-on-the-Hill is in the Cotswolds and Septuagent was stationed nearby at the time in the Royal Air Force at RAF Little Rissington of blessed memory.

Heigh Ho, and, Sigh, and Sniffle.