Sunday, October 15, 2006


I can' keep up with all the journaling/writing going on in other venues. I've got such a lot to do with my work, ferrying L-One to the mall to keep up with growth spurts, planning/cooking. Plus reading the writings of others—web and otherwise. I wonder how anyone does all of this.

Anyway, the homily today was quite good, though of course directed toward pledging. L helped with altar guild cleanup. Then on to the organic shop.

No school tomorrow, thank goodness. We can all arise at a reasonable hour.

Little and big kitty getting along famously (well, almost).


blackbird said...

You are quite right about the Goats Do Roam...
now, do me a favor and register an email address with blogger so's I can respond to your comments!

Linda said...

Aren't blogs amazing? I can spend hours reading them and sometimes do. It does cut into reading time with books. I guess it is the new way of communicating.