Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm really worried

about my tooth. You see, I had a crown put on almost three years ago by a dentist who turned out to be most incompetent. This crown has come disattached twice since it was installed (an appropriate word). This caused much distress on my part, but on HIS an almost accusatory manner. This dentist had been recommended by a neighbor who should have known better, too.

I've since switched dentists, but today my gum is somewhat uncomfortable under that tooth, and I'm getting obsessed with the idea that the tissue there is harboring bacteria. This tooth is on my heart side, so I'm getting convinced this is all leading straight down into a sepsis involving internal organs. ARRGH.

But in happier occurrences, we visited our soon-to-be leased site for the knit-coop. We're getting psyched!


Anonymous said...

But your resistance of bacteria is very,very great :)
When I was about 30, my heart started slow down, during nights it was only
30 times a minute and I swooned ( right word ? ) even driving. I got a pace maker and it was like magic, my life changed in one minute or ten perhaps, the surgery time, not long anyway. That`s it. I am living today, who knows tomorrow, but just this makes a life so wonderful - carpe diem :)

Linda said...

I hate dental problems. I have had them all of my life. Every American dentist I've talked to has said French dentists are the worst but since I'm here I don't have a choice. I've had a couple of bad jobs, a couple of good ones and can't find those great dental hygenists who clean your teeth anywhere. I guess I should be glad I still have all of my teeth, crowns, fillings and all.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!...Please tell me it wasn't the casserole!

angela said...

Dear friend,
this is such a coincidence..and I don't mean to scare you but please, please check out your tooth because my mother in law just spent a week in hospital because she had a bad abcess under a tooth and the poison spread..
Having said that she was in a lot of pain beforehand.
Good luck,

Anonymous said...

Rinse your mouth with Tea Tree Oil and water, it will harmlessly destroy the bad bacteria.
Thanks for your kind wishes.

lettuce said...

hope it is better soon, toothache sucks!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you are ok, that sounds painful. Knitting sounds good though.

Anonymous said...

Hoefully the tooth fairy will give you a nice big gift just because you had to endure the dentist office.
Tooth fairy Tut tut deserves lotsa coins under her pillow...preferrable gold ones!