Monday, March 05, 2007

We got

new specs today; and mine are, hmm, bifocals.

"Watch your step. Stairs may seem to rise up at you when you look down," said the very nice and vivacious eyeglass receptionist. "It may take two weeks to get used to these." (?)

I so hope not! My greatest trouble is arms-length sight. I've been having to take off my glasses to see the person I'm talking to properly. And even then, I have to bob and weave to keep them focused. It's become a kind of dance; I lean back; they lean forward. I move back; they move forward. You get the idea.

And I have to renew my drivers license this month. In person. Which means an eye test. Which means frazzled nerves beforehand. I don't deal very well with bureaucratic type situations. I tend to panic. Not good.

Will let you know. Now I've got to reach out and find my glasses.

L got very trendy ones, by the way, and certainly not bifocals.


ruby-crowned kinglette said...

oh am getting by with readers, cheap readers but i think this is the year that i need to find out for reals what i can't see.

herhimnbryn said...

It comes to us tt. It comes to us all!

deedee said...

You might wait the two weeks to get used to the new specs before going in for the new license :)

Anonymous said...

I was glad to have been warned that when the eyes start shifting, it happens rapidly, and then stalls out.

I was worried I was going blind.

I do have cute glasses, though.

angela said...

Mmmm yes. Been there only I chose the progressives. You know the ones where you look down your nose to read and look up for anything else which means you don't see anything at all!
I wear them for TV and driving and the rest of the time the world's just in soft focus!
Good luck with the test but I'd wait the 2 weeks first if you can.

Anonymous said...

I have progressives. The first day was a dizzy trip. But soon, sooner than you think it will all be in proper place.

Good luck on your driver's test.

Anonymous said...

I understand you very well :))

I was nine, when I got glasses, then I have used very long time contact lenses, but now I don`t need any kind of glasses, I was in surgery,where my own lenses were changed to artificial ones! It took ten minutes an eye and I walked home after that - without glasses, just great!

I have looked my husbands trying to use progressives , it took a little longer than soon :)

I wish also good luck on your test!