Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Spring is here; I'm in shorts and a T shirt, getting down to basics on the business end of a sponge and BonAmi in the bathrooms. I can't stand looking at L's anymore; her notion of clean and my notion of clean seem to be quite divergent.

Leaves need raking; the herb garden has woken up and is starting to go. Chives are up, oregano is flourishing, thyme is creeeping all over the place; the mint is rearing its rhizomal head everywhere, looking to take over. I'm not sure about the pineapple sage and the lemon verbena. No shoots next to either bare bones of last year's stalks. Of course, it's too soon to put in the very tender annuals: basil, dill, parsely (although last year, my parsely wintered over), and others.

Cooking tonight something from the Whistlestop Cafe, but I did alter the recipe just a bit. It's already made and in the fridge, awaiting being popped in the oven later! I feel very organized today.

I was away overnight the night before last, taking in the big city with three other women. We saw a great show featuring Matisse and Picasso at a museum I had never been to. Then, after our knit-in, which was the reason we went, we took over one room, had a port tasting, drank lots of wine, and gossiped away. It was quite liberating to be away, let me tell you. The next morning, we consumed a most delicious breakfast in a very lovely setting and set out back down the road to home.

And tonight, I have a meeting to go to concerning this yarn shop/knitting coop. I'm hoping we stick to an agenda, because anyone who has been on a committe knows that these things have a way of expanding to include asides, descriptions, remembrances, a sudden good idea that requires lengthy explanations. We'll see what happens. I hope it happens soon.


ruby-crowned kinglette said...

good luck with the meeting, i am excited for all your plans to become reality... and that port tasting sounds like fantastic idea.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds quite exciting. Nice to get away from home a little. I also like getting back ;)

deedee said...

This is the year I am going to expand my herb garden. Now that spring is here, I can get started. Your overnight sounds like it was fun :)

Anonymous said...

How was dinner? I hope you had someone else to wash up!
Sit back and knit with visions of your own shop of yarns. (sounds like a dream to me)

angela said...

Sounds absolutely great and having the occasional night away does wonders for the morale.
Good luck with the co op.