Monday, April 30, 2007

Dinner last night

About a month ago I spied Tyler's Ultimate in the library and, having seen him on the Foodnetwork, decided to take it out. Nothing to lose with a library book. We watch some of these food shows regularly, although D always gets Tyler and Bobbie Flay confused, Tyler being the "nice Bobbie Flay."

Anyway, we made several things from this book, and sadly had to return it. We ended up buying a copy, and last night we made Scallop Saltimbocca, which tasted amazing.
We followed the recipe, which included sauteing apples at the end (what?) and had a very tedious prep of wrapping each scallop in a piece of prosciutto and then tying it on with a string. If you have a spare half hour during which you don't mind doing this, I heartily recommend this recipe.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmm. I can never resist food photos ;-)

angela said...

is scallop..pork?
The sauteed apple I used in a pork recipe was delicious but oh the calories.
Love your china.
So sorry to hear you won't make it to France this year..maybe next time. I'll drop you an email soon

tut-tut said...

These are actually the shellfish, treated like pork. They really were delicious!

Anonymous said...

I love the local library! What a good idea to borrow a cookbook, then decide if you really like it.

No wonder with this recipe! Scallops can be sooo good. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Tying it with a string? OMG! That sounds like a lot of work. The whole recipe sounds good though.
How about fixing the prosciutto with a toothpick? Less work and maybe it would hold? ;)

Anonymous said...

It certainly sounds delicious! Is it a local or traditional recipe?