Tuesday, May 01, 2007

quilt swap!

Yesterday, when I was mailing my quilt out to my swappee, I got a package from Bonnie (who doesn't have a blog, otherwise I would link there!), containing this little gem:

I love the fabrics she chose; and she hand-quilted the top, so it feels very 1930s/1940s authentic. Bonnie, if you could see my decorating, especially my kitchen (where everything is in vintage blue Ball jars that I can possibly put in them), you'd see that this is just my style. How did you know? I'll look for the proper place to display this quilt. Everyone I've showed it to has oohed and ahed over ti.

And if that weren't enough, inside the package was a journal, including papers, letter stickers, and other cool embellishments to decorate it with.

I've really learned quite a lot about fabric, color, sewing, my Bernina, and how generous people can be.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow.

I heart swaps!

The Calico Cat said...

Nice quilt!

Anonymous said...

I get a feeling faraway from my childhood by looking this guilt!We had many of them and my mother made also them. I was helping her by cutting pieces of clothes ( ? my words ).

I wish enjoyable working with your guilts.

Shammickite said...

Nice quilt, lovely simple design, good strong clours, I like it!

angela said...

Gosh what a lovely piece of work.
Did you take a photo of yours?
This kind os swap sounds really interesting...did you each have any ideas of colour schemes etc.

Marisa said...

Cute swap quilt! Yummy summery colors.

Anonymous said...

The comfort of snuggling under a homemade blanket...ah yes those are good memories.

Love the colors of this one!!