Wednesday, February 20, 2008

can you believe

I'm posting again? But L suggested I put this up:


Anonymous said...

Sweet video.

There was a front page article in the Wall Street Journal today that made me laugh. It was about how working-class white men, traditionally the mainstay of the Democratic party, are having trouble getting behind Clinton or Obama -- a woman or a black man. They are feeling left out. To quote one: "It seems like someone else should be there," says Dan Leihgeber, a smelter in a steel plant here, who is supporting Sen. Clinton. "It's like there's someone missing."

Gee, you mean the white guy(s) who pretty much ran the world for the last 500 years? You mean that guy? Bummer that he isn't The Man this year. [removes tongue from cheek]

lettuce said...

hey tut-tut. sorry i've not been around lately - and sorry to hear about your dental traumas.


i hpe you are ok.

Shammickite said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments about my gorgeous new grandson, I am SO EXCITED! He's a sweetie, I'm going to see him today. He's already keeping Mummy and Daddy up all night and they haven't even left the hosptal yet!

deedee said...

That got me dancing in my chair...Awesome!

Avid Reader said...

Sorry about the dental stuff- I fear dental stuff! eeks.

I've been crazy busy lately. but will catch up on your blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Beth!
We have a small snow storm and I am wondering, how much my train will be late. I am going today to Melissa for two nights and after that I will take
other grandchildren with me to Joensuu for their skiing holiday. And then we will get Melissa&her parents here! After that I will go Lahti, because the mother of A and L will go to Paris. In April I have a photograph course and then I and my husband will go to a cruise on the Black See!
Our life will continue like that so long we are well :))
Now I go to train!

Have a good time Beth!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from a Brit who is pretty unknowledgeable about much of the American system but whose country invented the debating chamber.

A woman is the equal of a man any day.

Steel-smelter man just has to bite the bullet.

Avid Reader said...

thanks for the idea --I am going to try and write something really nice for S. Truth!

Gledwood said...

Aaargh! No bloody sound on this computer!
Many thanxx for your lovely messages all last week they are much appreciated... just wanted to let you know...




Betty Carlson said...

I really can't get enough of these upbeat videos! It's so great to, well, just feel good about a campaign!