Saturday, February 16, 2008

Political image

I think MotherPie has an extremely thought-provoking post about Barack, Hillary, and image here.

I know I endeavor to read her posts every day, but have to give myself lots of time to digest their content.


Bobby D. said...

I recall reading "The selling of the President" in High School--we studied how advertising agencies worked with political campaigns --we went way back to 1870 looking at various campaign advertising.

There was beautiful advertising, too--JFK and his family--the whole Camelot thing was ad agency type of stuff. He was young and inexperienced so they focused on his looks and family.

We see so much we tend to ignore most of it.
Like the graphic on the Obama poster at the site you linked. I would like to see an artist like Freida Kahlo doing artwork based on all the Candidates.

Shammickite said...

I wonder which ad agency Obama is using.
TV could take note and get rid of the rubbish ads.
Not that I watch them much, it's all too manipulative.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link!!! Yes, we read the Selling of a President in our master's classes on political communications (New School, NYC). I'm on a roll here with images, literacy, branding and politics -- especially lately.

Thanks for the link. Stay tuned for more. Today it is Jackie and Che... and I'll link it up to Obama in the next couple of days.