Monday, December 04, 2006

little trees; why not make some, too?

Today, I had a little fun (though this photo isn't so great) making some of these that Stephanie kindly gave the pattern for:

I filled the bottom, for weight, with dried black-eyed peas; in the U.S. South, it is good luck to eat Hoppin' John, a beans-and-rice dish, for good luck in the New Year, and black-eyed peas are an ingredient (I think; I'm not from around here . . .)

Now I have to figure out Flickr, so I can post my picture with those of the others in the soft trees group. It's never-ending, isn't it, the technological side of things? Maybe if I weren't in a Mac-based environment, things would be easier . . .


Anonymous said...

Love these trees I want to try and make some for myself.

Anonymous said...

Hoppin' John: a great name for a dish.You writing about your customs is as fascinating to me as Cannes is to you!
The technology thing is hard, hard, hard. If I ask H. or Boy Child they just say "but I told you that last week!" which may be true but is not helpful.
Love those trees. Are they part of your Christmas decorations?
Astrid says that when linking through comments your profile comes up as unavailable so it's not just me. Check your "edit profile"

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Never ending and fun!!

Anonymous said...

If you weren't in a Mac-based environment, you'd find it ten times more difficult.
If you want to put your photos in a group in flickr, first you have to join the group. You go to the group's page and click 'join'
Then go back to your photo page on flickr, and right above the photo, you have a series of widgets, the second one says; send to group, you click there and wait for the name of the group you want to send the photo to, to appear, then click and your photo's in there!