Friday, December 01, 2006

sugar bowls and creamers

Over at Willow House, there was a nice series of teapots. My mother was a great collector, and had a good eye; this is part of some of the things that she collected.

This one is from Limoges, in France (THE Limoges?); wouldn't you like to know whose hands rubbed the gilt from its handles, and over what conversation, and at what table?

This is an old English one. I keep these up high on a shelf, where I can see them, but I can't break them. I think I should get them down and use them, to keep their spirits alive . . .

And these are thick pottery ones you would have seen in a diner or restaurant. We actually use these:

The one in the foreground is from Norway; the yellow emblem on the front makes it look like it might have been used in a dining car of some kind; it has that "transit" feel.

We have gone from 70 degrees F to under 40 degrees F in 24 hr! December seems to be coming in, in a proper way for Advent.


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

A collection worthy of a tea party, can I come!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should take them down and use them.

From Norway, wow. Do you know which company?

tut-tut said...


On the bottom, it says Porsgruno, which sets above an anchor flanked
by two P's. At the bottom is the word Norway, and underneath is 76.

do you know what this is?

Anonymous said...

Copy this link and you find some interesting place and factory there:)

I hope link is working!

Anonymous said...

These are lovely, be sure to tell Cherry Menlove about this post I'm sure she would love to see it. I myself will mention it on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love these babies. There's just something special about having tea with a beautiful porcelain service.
As you can see I found you thanks for the address and will now link to you. Do you want your profile to be unavailable?
My email should be there....