Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On Christmas Day,

it was just the three of us. We got up early, of course, because that excitement to see what appeared under the tree during the night never disappears. Santa still leaves the gifts and fills the stocking I knitted ten years ago. All of us came away well satisfied and happy. Some of us wore what we received and some of us drank some champagne from a special handblown glass.

Still, we made a big dinner; our organic CSA had goofed and had an 18 pound turkey for us, so creativity at mealtime will play a big factor in the coming days! And we had roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed potato, butternut squash, stuffing, the world's best gravy. Very calm and most relaxing Christmas, until the washing up part.

L and I had made the easiest candy for giving: white chocolate, pistachio, and dried cherry bark, which involved merely melting the chocolate, adding the nuts and cherries, spreading the lot on a lined baking sheet and sticking it in the fridge to harden. Then we broke it up into large shards and packaged them up in cellophane bags. Different.

Today I worked on something due tomorrow and promised L a trip for school clothes and to return somethings at the mall. Not looking forward to this. I ran into someone who had gone to the mall a few days before Christmas to visit a particular store in the perimeter; once she got churned into the clog of traffic, she couldn't get out! She spent an hour getting OUT of the mall, and never got to the store at all, fearing if she extricated herself from the ooze, she'd never get back in.


blackbird said...

...it sounds so lovely, so intimate - right up until the mall.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Christmas Day :-)

I managed, just in time, to finish the two stockings for our Australian guests.

angela said...

The traffic thing is what nightmares are made of but the rest sounds lovely.
You can freeze slices of turkey. It's perfect for making sandwiches and putting in soups but I bet you know that.