Sunday, December 10, 2006


Things I did today:

Attended church, and did my altar guild cleanup (but did not attend the annual meeting!)

Finished my second linen hand towel, from Mason-Dixon Knitting, which is now being washed and dried to full

Encouraged D and L to go get a tree, which they did and which tree is now in a bucket of water outside (we don't really decorate until a few days before Christmas)

Worked on an editing "test"; these things are always nerve-wracking, as I know, no matter how many times I go over, it there will still be something I've missed--but it is like doing a crossword. You have to get into the "zone" of concentration; when you achieve that, then it's pretty smooth and sometimes even (well, almost) fun

Tried not to think about my beloved knit shop closing, where I've spent many productive, gossipy hours at the round table. But I'll write more on that at a later date.

Fed the cats numerous times, and let Soul out and in numerous times. Bear allowed me to knit without reaching for my yarn.

Did laundry (but didn't make my bed . . .)

What did you do?


Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments =)

Anonymous said...

Hello tut-tut,
It`s nice to read your writing!
I was thinking, what I have done today and I must say - not much!
After reading some blogs ( ! ) I was biking in rain to see my dressmaker, who was crying about her dog`s ilness ( really ! ).
After that I took a couple photos from a cemetery chapel near our house still in rain. Now it`s 1.50
pm and it start to grow dim outside,I will finish mittens to my grandson and start to knit someting else warm, because the real winter will come still.
Have a nice day!

angela said...

Sunday: walked the dogs, went shopping, prepared lunch, cleared up, prepared beef bourguignon for dinner as it needs a long slow cook. Cleared up. Took some me time then did the meal thing all over again! But it was delicious.
Sometimes I wonder why I did the whole university thing, you know!