Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Post

Mother Pie just commented that I need a new post, which is coincidental as I was just about to put up this quote by a somewhat controversial Native American author, originally from:

I will tell you something about stories,
[he said]
They aren’t just entertainment.
Don’t be fooled.
They are all we have, you see,
all we have to fight off
illness and death
-Leslie Marmon Silko

It's something I am dwelling on, while holding a kitten on my lap.


Reya Mellicker said...

Beautiful poem, and very provocative. Storymaking, storytelling, is distinctly human. Do animals tell each other stories? Hmmmm ...

The kitten is adorable and no doubt brings lightness to all your contemplations.

Kurt said...

"We tell ourselves stories in order to live" - Joan Didion:

Angie Ledbetter said...

Nice! Liked Kurt's quote too.

Joanne said...

Stories are everywhere we look, even in that kitten scooting off the sofa!

Linda said...

I guess that is what blogging is-telling stories.

Bobby D. said...

Frank is so incredibly cute--light on his feet. It makes me so happy to see pics of him!

I can't believe I missed these last two posts! Dur... I usually check. Have been rushing around--

Anonymous said...

Yes, our stories are our world view and our life and how we share ourselves w/ others.

Blogging is a huge thing in self-presentation because how we put ourselves "out there" for the public -- including those we don't know -- is something quite interesting.

Think of Frieda Kahlo and her self-presentation through painting. Blogs are the same, only with a different medium.

What we put out there might is vastly influenced by the medium. If you were telling your stories to me, face-to-face, it would be quite different.

But with Frank... you should post adventures w/ Frank. Frank can be a great character for your blog. Frankly speaking.

edward said...

Frank is so sweeeet.