Saturday, March 05, 2011

Thoughts to words

I've decided that my blog is like my yoga mat. I should focus on what happens here, and not stare enviously at the smooth lines and lovely images elsewhere. Take them in, admire and appreciate them. certainly. Use them as inspiration and incentive. Keep my drishti gaze focused. "During practice, it is not advisable to look around," says I don't, however, want to lock my thoughts, which seems to be a problem for me. I can't get on the page quite what I mean to say.

I'm devoting this month to working on this conundrum.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on 'how often' and 'how much' to blog can be summed up as 'less is more'.

I love the idea that just a few words (a caption, really) can accompany a pic or that a few words on their own are often enough.

I also love the idea that just a few words are easy to respond to - with in turn just a few words.

This is the Zen Twitter of Blogging if you like. ;P

Kurt said...

What is blog? One could write several theses about it.