Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have to take an editing test for a new client of a client. I hate these tests, I really do. But in a strange way I also love the challenge.


Kurt said...

I like this MENSA puzzle:

Punctuate the following sentence so that it makes sense: Jim where Bill had had had had had had had had had was right.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

kurt is a funny guy.

hope it wasn't a timed test....those i hate!!

i'm sure you rose to the challenge and ACED it.

Megan said...

And that's why I'm not a MENSA member nor do I ever wish to be! :)

Mail on the way tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

The gorgeous thing about Kurt's Mensa test is that if it is punctuated correctly it WILL make sense (assuming he has counted the occurrences of 'had' correctly).

I am not volunteering to punctuate it though - or at least not yet. I have enough on.

tut-tut: good luck. Make sure you look closely at any chemical symbols - H2O2 for H2O is a favourite one - and watch out for redundancies.

Betty Carlson said...

I wonder what those are like? I should check one out online just for fun. Any recommendations?