Tuesday, May 10, 2011


it is very hot out today; like summer, really. And I saw my first flea of the season yesterday on Remus. Damn! Now it's time to flea all the animals.

Also, yesterday after dinner, I heard a tremendous caterwauling out front. I rushed out front to see Soul at the mercy of Black Cat, on his back under the crushing, brutish power of this interloper. I yelled, and both cats took off in opposite directions, a goodly bit of Black Cat's fur blowing around the driveway. Soul hurried in, to crouch in the hall, growling, for a while. Then he repaired to the back of the couch. Where he remains almost 24 hours later.

This same Black Cat was responsible (I'm certain) for the puncture wounds on Frank's back that took a lot of time (not to mention money) to heal. I'm hoping Soul is only psychically, not physically, wounded.

Black Cat is too feral to lure inside, and I think the  three cats, not to mention Remus (who has been in to check on Soul several times throughout the day) would come apart at the seams if he were to come into the house.

Soul, in a more relaxed moment


Kurt said...

Our neighborhood is full of roving clusters of feral cats, and we frequently hear their caterwauling.

Alan Smithee said...

Please come read all about The Alan Smithee Film Festival, which just ended.

Betty Carlson said...

I've noticed that scary outdoor cats are often black. I wonder why?

mouse (aka kimy) said...

if black cat is homeless (not to mention feral)....perhaps a kind thing to do for your critters would be to trap black cat and relocate him ....i read something about some guy who has a sanctuary for feral, homeless cats... it is some place down south.....