Thursday, May 05, 2011

wild food, part 1

Rachel, our walk leader, pointing out the first wild food she spotted: wild lettuce. Like many of the plants we encountered, this one is know for its sedative/narcotic and anti-anxiety qualities. As a tincture, it is a useful sleep aide. You can also cook up the leaves as you would spinach.

This cropped version, while blurry, shows the dandelion-like leaves. I had what I thought was a volunteer lettuce up at the garden, but now I know it is this. There is a row of spikes on the leaves' underside, and a milky sap that oozed out when the stem is broken.

Wild yarrow, which can be used topically for wounds:

Pick and dry the blossoms, then grind to apply on cuts. Infuse the fresh flowers in olive oil or almond oil and use as a cosmetic.


Kurt said...

Looks like fun.

JGH said...

Cool - I know we have lotsa yarrow. Some of that lettuce, too, no doubt. I'll look for it.

Betty Carlson said...

Hmmm. The wild lettuce looks like a weed to me. I'm not sure I'd be confident enough to pick these plants out. Are you now?

Baino said...

You'll have to post 'recipes'. I love the idea of being able to find what we call 'bush tucker'. I tried to find a tour like this while Jeff was in Australia but they only exist in the outback unfortunately. Fascinating.

Subby said...

Yarrow...lots of that around; not so much the lettuce tho'. Grandma had other uses ( you mentioned dandelions. ) This only serves to remind me I need to get out beyond the yard more ;)

mouse (aka kimy) said...

what a wonderful walk....i will have to keep an eye out for one around much to learn!

we saw people picking things yesterday when we were out on a hike....the fact it was at a national park makes their picking problematic i think....but i kept my mouth shut.