Friday, May 13, 2011


I hope my post from yesterday reappears . . . if not, I will cobble something together. You do want to see the Space House, don't you? There, I've gotten at least some interest.

Soul has been to the vet, and his hideous wound (under his tail) is healing. Time to roust this feral feline from the woods, though I'm sure at some point he was the house pet of some horrible family. A family, I'm sure, who moved away and didn't bother to call him home in time to get in the car.

I happened to see a truly crazy person being interviewed on TV this morning. Ron Paul is certifiable; I think there was spittle flying out of his mouth. No federal government. My head is in my hands (not literally, of course). What must Rand Paul be like? Can you see the two of them in the White House? But, why, if they don't believe in a federation, would they want to head one up? Maybe Donald Trump could be Secretary of State, and that Bachman woman could be . . . I can't even imagine. Geez. Thanks, McCain for unleashing S. Palin and the entire Tea Party movement.

Have a great weekend


Betty Carlson said...

I can see the Space House just fine, and always could...can't you?

Actually, I never had a post disappear. I just missed a day and when I tried to catch up, Blogger wasn't working.

This is kind of a lonely NaBloPoMo for me. Thank heavens you are here!

tc said...

I can see the space house. I'm glad I can see the space house. It's rather amazing, isn't it?

e said...

The mind boggles over the events and persons described and it isn't with joy...