Sunday, January 27, 2013

dun, mousy, slaty, etc.

General damp, overarching gray Sunday afternoon. Visited the garden w/D; leeks soldiering along. Rabbits/deer must be enjoying all the lovely chard. Still, it lives.

Need to get over to the other blog and work on it, get it going. I really think it has potential, but right now that reads as inertia.

Because of the wonders of the Internet, we can talk to L on the phone, calling from Paris. Somehow, it costs nothing. I don't understand a bit of it. I remember many years ago not being able to call home from England because the cost was astronomical. What a lonely feeling that was.

Midway through making Indian lime pickle in this shot:

It's now actually completed, but I haven't had the courage to taste it yet . . .


Anonymous said...

:9 I hope, you will be gladly surprised when you get the courage enough to taste :)
Thank you for your visit our snowy cloudy winter, which will last still two months before all this all the time increasing snow starts to melt.
Warm greetings to you and to L in Paris! She will enjoy April of Paris !

mouse (aka kimy) said...

yum, indian lime pickle sounds tantalizing.... how does it taste?

is the other blog take back dinner? alas, looks like it is still on the back burner. good luck.

i reconciled myself to the fact that i don't think i'll ever be as good about blogging as i once was. my poor quilt blog has been totally neglected - i need to spend a day posting pics of all the quilts i'm made since the last time i put anything up on it.