Thursday, January 03, 2013

Paris to the Moon . . . or Something

Yes, L is off to Paris for the semester. So many unknowns still, though. Where will she end up living? There is the problem of the cell phone. What service? How much to pack? What? There is the tricky problem of what kind of shoes (how many pairs?).

She's not taking Air France, but this photo will have to do. She has gotten around quite efficiently the past few years, so she's a seasoned traveller.

I'm wondering how much it will cost to get around. Will she live near enough to her classes so that she can walk?

More to come!


Betty said...

That's weird! Have just posted 3 photos of Paris from a trip last month - and more to come.
I hope L has a fabulous time there. The Metro is easy to navigate. The drivers are complete lunatics (only the Neapolitans and Sicilians are worse!)the wine is good and the city is utterly beautiful. Do hope she enjoys :)

LeenaH said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and all the best for 2013 also to you and yours!
I was smiling when I read your post from your daughter`s journey :)
I understand so well your concern - my youngest daughter lived in Paris one year when she was 17 years old. She studied French in the university here in Finland and also in Paris. I have visited there many times, it is a wonderful city.
I remember that your daughter was fifteen when we were commenting - how many years has gone from that time?
My family is doing well thank you for asking. We have now six grandchildren and I have been very busy with them.
I was happy when I saw your visit and comment, I feel like seeing the old friend :)

Betty Carlson said...

This will be so exciting though! When is she leaving? And when are YOU coming? I know Meredith has already talked to me about our both trying to come up and see you when you go see her...(yes, I know that sentence needs SERIOUS editing!)