Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Up, up, and

away . . . Right now, L is en route to ORD, then to CDG, landing tomorrow. It is v difficult to get up at 0300, although I'd say we all managed rather well, and before the alarm buzzed, too. D drove her to the shuttle which took her to the regional airport.

Will report back later, but man I'm tired, and I'm not going anywhere (except to clean someone's room and do a mountain of laundry . . .)

Betty C and Meredith: I will keep you posted on my plans, though I just heard this a.m. that plane fares are supposed to rise 8 to 12 percent this year.

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mouse (aka kimy) said...

go for it buy a ticket now before they rise. hey, it isn't every year one's daughter is living in paris..... don't regret not going! in the lonnnnng run of debt accumulation, what is another 1,000 bucks! (spoken like the empress of rationalization!)