Tuesday, December 19, 2006

inching along

For some reason, I saw fit to clean my ovens over the weekend; the top one is self-cleaning, but the bottom one required some elbow grease, as it were. I left a bowl of boiling water and one of ammonia in there overnight, anticipating clearing away the muck with a wet sponge. No such luck, as nothing had "melted." So, much scraping and scrubbing and an hour or so made it much more presentable. Then I tackled the entire cooktop, which gets a going-over once a week, because whatever it's made up shows any spatter immediately. Wish I'd known this when we bought it, or we may have ended up with a much different option.

It does feel better, doesn't it, knowing the inside of your oven is clean?

However, all this meant that the tree didn't get up until this morning. Now it awaits lights and then decorations. No breakable ones, what with Bear, the new(ish) kitten eyeing the trunk as an interesting climbing option.

The snowmen are coming out gradually, too, so we are finally getting festive. The last box of presents to L's godmother is going out today. Will she get it by Christmas? We'll see . . .

How's it going at your house?

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Anonymous said...

I still have so much to do before Christmas, but my whole snowmen collection is up :-)